3 years

Tiny Tots

This class teaches basic body movement, coordination, balance and interaction with other children.  Parents or care givers are asked to join in this class but the focus is towards the child and his/her development.

45 minutes per week recommended.

4-6 years

Pre-Dance I, II & III

For all students of age.  The young student is introduced to the world of dance and music in an informal, yet structured manner, which serves as preparation for further study. Classes are designed to develop rhythm, coordination, and self confidence, as well as physical fitness. Instruction includes:  basic tumbling, trampoline, floor level balance beam, tap, ballet & circus pantomime.

1 hour per week recommended.

7-12 years and graduates of pre-dance

Beginning Dance Combo

These young dancers take a combination class of ballet, tap and jazz.  This variety of instruction increases body awareness, strength, limberness, rhythm and timing.  A foundation is laid for the study of classical ballet and theatre.

Minimum 1 hour per week recommended.

13 years and up

Teen/Adult Ballet

Students have a 1 hour ballet class focusing on the core principles and foundational concepts of ballet in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner.  Traditional ballet barre and center floor work included. Beginners welcome!

1 hour per week recommended.


Active Agers / Sr. Citizens Ballet

A 1 hour ballet class while seated or standing with the aid of the barre.  It's never too late to live your dream of being a graceful ballerina! (Injury prevention and modifications are a focal point during class). Support Chairs may be utilized for the less stable. No previous dance experience necessary.

1 hour per week recommended.

By teacher placement

Accelerated Learning Program

For those students who have shown a high learning ability, consistent attendance, concentration and drive to excel.